allyl chlorooxoacetate

catalytus offer allyl chlorooxoacetate along with all the approved documentation and systems required for a regulated market
Synonyms – 2-Propen-1-yloxy chloroacetate;allyl chlorooxoacetate;Oxalic acid monoallyl ester chloride;2-Chloro-2-oxoacetic acid 2-propenyl ester;2-Chloro-2-oxoacetic acid allyl ester;Oxochloroacetic acid allyl ester;Allyl oxalyl chloride;Acetic acid,2-chloro-2-oxo-, 2-propen-1-yl ester
CAS Number – 74503-07-4
Molecular Formula – C5H5ClO3
Molecular Weight – 148.5444

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